Integration is not optional but how you integrate is.

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Hello Love,

I'm so excited that you are exploring The Condor Approach Workbook. This FREE guide is the missing link for optimal integration from microdose to macrodose. This book is what I created as an integration tool for myself after plant medicine and psychedelics had illuminated some truths leaving a need for a plan and ways to track what was working and what wasn't. This guide is 7 days but I recommend you do it for, at least, 30 days to clearly see what's working and what isn't by learning the unique language your body speaks.

As you work through the exercises in the workbook, you'll begin to notice shifts in your energy, mood, and overall wellbeing. You'll learn to recognize when a practice or habit is working for you, and when it's time to let go and try something new.

This process of experimentation and discovery is a vital part of the journey towards healing and transformation. With The Condor Approach Workbook, you'll have the tools and guidance you need to explore new possibilities and discover what truly works for you.

So spread your wings and soar like the majestic condor, embracing the freedom, flexibility, and flow that comes with trusting yourself in the ever changing winds.

The Condor Approach Workbook is your guide on this transformational journey, and if you feel called to become a Condor Coach, I'm here to support you every step of the way.

With love and empowerment,

Kole Whitty

This book and psychedelics/plant medicine helped me heal my body. As people around me saw the shifts they started to ask how I did it and if I could help them. I joke that my health improving was 60% lifestyle changes and 40% trauma. So, thought I had made immediate changes in my life I knew there was more to it that is when I entered the word of shamanic healing through master teachers in plant and fungi form. I hope it can bring you the same realizations necessary for lasting changes that it brought me and hundreds of people to date!

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Learn to translate the unique language your body speaks.Keep yourself moving or get yourself moving- stop getting stuck by showing up for yourself in the workbook daily.Create a better way of living where everything feels connected and aligned with who you are.

Learn the skill of presence through self-exploration, self-realization, and self-facilitation.

Get back in touch with your own rhythms and needs so you can live more fully each day.

Work at your own pace in your own unique, individual process to create lasting change in all areas of your life.

Learn radical self-responsibility as you observe your stress and sovereignty scores


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By investing in yourself and learning the language of your body, you'll gain the tools and awareness to make conscious choices that align with your deepest desires. And from that place of self-love and empowerment, you can help others to do the same.

Don't settle for a life of pain and complacency. Choose to soar like the majestic condor and embrace the freedom, flexibility, and flow that comes with true sovereignty.

The Condor Approach Workbook is your guide on this transformational journey and the e-book is totally free.

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